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Mortgage Loan Processing Services

With American Mortgage Processing Services, service is not just a word; it is our business. With today’s competitive mortgage loan industry, we know that time is of the essence to the Broker and the Borrower. As a direct response, we provide efficient mortgage loan processing services that are performed by our US-based mortgage processors who get the job done right,
the first time around.

Mortgage Processing Outsourcing Benefits

Specializing in Processing, Closing, and Post-Closing of Residential Mortgage files, our mortgage processing methods
translate to the following benefits:
Broker costs
Improve mortgage processing
turn-around times
Complete satisfaction by doing the right thing right the first time

We accomplish this by relying on processes and systems that are built upon proven models of efficient mortgage process guidelines.

Flexible Contract Mortgage Processing Options

We know that no two Brokers are alike. While some Brokers prefer to outsource the entire mortgage loan processing to us, others like to handle certain aspects on their own. For this reason, our mortgage processors can offer the flexibility to meet you where you are, whether you need a little support or a lot.

Processing Express

AMPS is pleased to offer “Processing Express” as a valuable, streamlined mortgage processing solution for your specific loan processing needs. 

Once you have taken the mortgage application from your Borrower along with the trailing documents, we will:

  • Register the file with the Lender of your choice
  • Prepare and send out the Disclosures
  • Run AUS, order Title, HOI, and Appraisal
  • Upload the file to the Lender and will work to satisfy all underwriting conditions and get the Clear-To-Close
  • Coordinate the mortgage closing with all parties
  • At the end of the process, we will provide you with a complete Post-Closed file 

Looking for a little support or a lot? We will meet you where you are. With AMPS’ Processing Express mortgage processing service, you can enjoy uncompromising superior service at a reasonable price.

Contact us today for pricing info and to learn more.
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