Why Choose Us

Brokers Choose AMPS

As a Broker, you need everything involving the mortgage application process to go smoothly. You may have a number of questions to ask before considering mortgage processing outsourcing. At American Mortgage Processing Services, we totally understand your concerns. You can rest assured knowing that every mortgage loan processor at our company is highly-qualified and knowledgeable in the mortgage industry, and dedicated to providing you with an efficient and courteous mortgage processing experience every time.

Benefits of Working with Us

Professional Mortgage Processing Service

  • We are experts at processing mortgage loans
  • We can work with any file formats or system that you have, offering a seamless mortgage loan processing experience for Brokers, Lenders, and Borrowers
  • You are assigned a dedicated mortgage loan processor who will keep you informed every step of the way
  • We provide knowledgeable and courteous customer service throughout the mortgage process
  • You won’t go through an anonymous voicemail loop with us; you always get a live person to assist when you call during business hours
  • Our Pennsylvania-based mortgage processing outsourcing service is entirely staffed by Americans who make your satisfaction our top priority

Improve Compliance

By trusting your mortgage processing to us, you can take comfort in knowing that “We do the right thing, right the first time.” That applies to processing mortgage loans, from beginning to end. 

When we Post-Close and return the file to you, it will be complete with all the necessary and required documents. 

Overlooking these details can impact your bottom line and have lasting effects. 

  • Our quality control and compliance expertise will help you reduce mortgage processing errors, ensure process completion, and increase the quality of your mortgage files. Our expert knowledge of all investor guidelines translates into more approvals and more closings through speed and efficiency.
  • Outsourcing your mortgage loan processing to AMPS will reduce or eliminate your time spent on quality control.  
By outsourcing your mortgage processing to us, you can enjoy the following additional benefits:

Cut Expenses

  • Eliminate the fixed mortgage processing fees such as salaries, benefits, equipment, supplies, and office space associated with having a brick & mortar operation.
  • Take charge of your bottom line with significant expense reductions.

Increase Your Income

  • By unloading the time-consuming responsibility of mortgage processing, you “clear your plate” of tedious, unwanted tasks.
  • Free up valuable time to focus on strategic Broker initiatives and directives.
  • You can enjoy the increased income generated by focusing your time and energy in more strategic ways.
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